A day in the life of a Shine mentor

Today starts as usual with emails and deskwork (the women I work with don’t generally reply to calls or manage to meet before 10am).

My first session is a walk with "A", former rough sleeper and chronic alcoholic, who likes being outside and talks more freely on the go. She values the peace and ‘headspace’ away from alcohol-related ties. Today we talk about some extensive upcoming dentistry she’s dreading - I will accompany her.

3rd April 2017

Funding News

The Scottish Government has recently announced the extension of funding for Shine into the financial year 2017/2018.  Speaking shortly after the announcement, Tom Halpin, Chief Executive of Sacro – the lead partner for Shine – said “This welcome news offers reassurance to everyone involved in providing support through Shine to vulnerable women in Scotland. I am grateful to Scottish Government for its commitment to sustaining the work we do.”

22nd July 2016

New Model for Community Justice - draft launched

The Scottish Government have now launched draft documents outlining the new model for community justice. This model has been drawn up in the light of the planned establishment of Community Justice Scotland and folllowing the decision to replace Community Justice Authorities with Community Justice Partners as of 2017.

7th July 2016

Use of custody for female offenders - challenges of reform

Excellent article in Holyrood magazine on the challenges faced in reforming the use of custody for female offenders.  read more

6th June 2016

Independent evaluation finds mentoring effective in reducing reoffending

An independent evaluation of the Scottish Government's Reducing Reoffending Change Fund (RRCF) has concluded that "mentoring is an effective approach which helps mentees to learn and implement constructive, non-criminal ways of addressing problems in their lives and to reduce risk factors associated with offending behaviour, and that there is a strong case for the continuation and expansion of mentoring services".

12th February 2016