Shine Annual Report 2016-17 launched

This week saw the launch of Shine’s Annual Report 2016-17 at the Shine Programme Board meeting in Edinburgh. This Report tells of how the service has grown and matured since becoming established in 2013, the successes and challenges. Through case studies and other media it highlights some of the achievements of women supported by Shine in the past year. It shows how Shine has exceeded many of its targets, such as the level of sustained engagement by mentees post-release from prison.

Tom Halpin, Chief Executive of Sacro, commented "I am delighted to receive Shine's latest annual report covering 2016/17. The range of service being provided to so many vulnerable women in Scotland by our partners across public and third sector is so important in tackling the complex issues they face. It is evident that Shine Mentoring provides essential support for women in our Justice System to be safe and improve their chances for healthy lives.

Adele Hill, Co Chief Executive of Access to Industry said “This latest Shine Annual Report is a good reflection of strong partnership working and is a solid, positive endorsement of the quality of work and the number of people that the Shine service reaches across Scotland.”

A copy of the report can be found online.

26th May 2017