Shine aims to support women in achieving safer, healthier lives and discovering positive activities they have a passion for.

Women will be offered an initial meeting and an assessment. They will be asked about different aspects of their life to find out what help is required. The woman will then contribute to her own needs-based action plan which will be formally agreed between the service user and the mentor. This can also be done in partnership with any other agencies already working with the service user.

Following this, the mentor and service user will begin to address the issues outlined in the action plan. Through the development of this relationship, we aim to provide a supportive relationship in order to reduce the risk of non-compliance or reoffending. Once the woman is engaged with this service, we will begin to discuss the possibility of working with a female volunteer mentor to continue to follow the needs based action plan. The volunteer mentor will assist the service user to further access support in her community and towards independence.

Service Aims

  • Reduce the number of custodial sentences
  • Support female offenders to reduce/desist from offending and access a healthier lifestyle
  • Address issues of social isolation and lack of personal identity, building self-esteem and self-confidence
  • To draw out an individual’s potential and promote transformational change, developing life skills which engender self-sufficiency and self-care

Service Objectives

  • Provide person-centred, holistic and flexible support
  • Assist service users to determine areas of specific need in their lives
  • Enable service users to access a range of support services in the community
  • Provide encouragement to service users, promoting transformational change
  • Provide pro-social role modelling
  • To work in partnership with local agencies.