Shine volunteers are individuals who offer their time and bring with them a range of skills, experiences, knowledge and understanding of local communities. Volunteers complement and enrich the work of staff. They have the potential to increase the capacity of Shine to promote social cohesion, improve engagement in and with communities and reduce isolation and reoffending.

Volunteering with Shine Women’s Mentoring Service is a way of making a difference to the lives of some of the most marginalised and vulnerable women in Scotland. Research highlights that volunteers benefit from their involvement in volunteering which also contributes to making local communities safer and more secure.

Within the Shine partnership Barnardo’s and Sacro will take forward the responsibility for developing the Shine Volunteer Strategy and will recruit, train and manage Shine volunteers on behalf of the Partnership.

Shine volunteers will be recruited specifically to support and enhance the existing Shine services available to women in the criminal justice system. All volunteers will be required to participate in training that will include Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection, Health & Safety and IT Security alongside gender specific issues associated with trauma, drugs & alcohol and mental health.

Volunteers will fulfil a distinct role that is different and complementary to that of Shine employed mentors. Volunteer’s primary task will be to offer support by befriending women who require additional help, encouragement and/or assistance and women who are approaching the end of their mentoring period and have requested continued involvement. In addition volunteers will be recruited to deliver specific activities, such as supporting literacy, possible involvement in the Helpline and developing and managing group and social activities. Volunteers will provide 1:2:1 support, with meetings intended to reduce social isolation and loneliness and increase self-confidence, encourage engagement with mainstream and community services and offer practical advice and emotional support when needed.

Role descriptions which outline the activities and responsibilities expected of volunteers will be available on the Shine website and in paper format as part of the recruitment process.

Shine volunteers will receive regular individual and/or peer support and supervision in compliance with the recruiting partner’s volunteer policy. Volunteers will be eligible and encouraged to participate in training and development events available to Shine mentors and staff.