A day in the life of a Shine mentor

Today starts as usual with emails and deskwork (the women I work with don’t generally reply to calls or manage to meet before 10am).

My first session is a walk with "A", former rough sleeper and chronic alcoholic, who likes being outside and talks more freely on the go. She values the peace and ‘headspace’ away from alcohol-related ties. Today we talk about some extensive upcoming dentistry she’s dreading - I will accompany her.

Next I meet "C" at a Recovery Café where we grab lunch before meeting two other workers regarding her future. Recently, I’ve assisted C into B&B following the end of a relationship and referred her to Venture Trust and support regarding education opportunities. It’s almost time for me to drop back, however, we arrange to get together next week to spend a small Sacro Trust grant we jointly applied for on some new clothing and bedding /soft furnishings to brighten her accommodation.

My third session is with "B", a new case whom I’ve met twice so far. She has highlighted a large, unwarranted fuel debt so we’re meeting to call the Affordable Warmth Team. We’re advised to wait for a call back and find ourselves with 45 minutes 1:1 time during which we fill in some of the gaps in her history that she was reluctant to share on initial meeting. The Affordable Warmth Team agrees to take up her case so we ‘high five’ with a sense of achievement as she leaves. We made progress on the debt and strengthened our working relationship in a session.

Some more calls and deskwork… then it’s the end of a particularly productive day.

3rd April 2017