Coronavirus: response

The current global public health situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is placing unprecedented challenges on us all and we recognise this has the potential to impact on the services we deliver.

With this in mind, we are taking the following steps to minimise disruption to services.

  • We are regularly updating our business continuity plans with a view to minimising disruption.
  • As an essential provider of support to often vulnerable individuals, much of our engagement is - by its nature - face-to-face. Following official guidance, we are limiting face-to-face contact unless there is an essential need.
  • We have set up discrete communications channels to coordinate responses between all organisations involved in delivering / administering Shine and promote communications to our stakeholders, staff and the people who use our services.
  • We are actively promoting and adhering to health and infection control guidance from government and health service sources to our staff and our mentees.
  • We are preparing "Liberation Packs" for all women leaving custody to ensure they have a supply of basics to cover their transition into the community.

All the steps we are taking are aligned to our over-arching responsibility to the people we provide with care and support. This is a fluid situation, maintaining these services is – and will remain – our priority.

7th April 2020