September Mini Blog - A Day in Court

I attended court with my mentee for a review of her DTTO II order.  Shine was asked to work with her as she was really struggling to attend her appointments. 


During the court review, the judge advised that she was extremely impressed by Sarah’s* “excellent progress” over the past couple of months.  Her attendance at appointments had increased hugely in addition to her engagement with other services including Shine.   The judge, Sarah’s solicitor and the staff in the court room were very encouraging and positive towards her, and full of smiles, which was unusual to see.  The judge acknowledged the work that Shine had been doing with Sarah and expressed optimism for her future progress. 


After the court appearance I asked Sarah how she felt; she was really pleased and said she felt supported by all the agencies she was working with and was looking forward to making more steps forward towards her recovery.


*name has been changed

JAnderson 2
10th October 2017