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A Day in the Life of a Shine Mentor - February

This last week at Shine mentoring in Dundee in the Barnardos team we have been able to make use of the other Barnardos services that operate in this area to benefit the mentees that we work with. Sharing an office with our Barnardos colleagues gives us a great insight into the work they do and being aware of their work has enabled us to refer many of our mentees onto other projects that we know will assist them.

JAnderson 2
14th March 2018

A Day in the Life of A Shine Mentor - October

Today, I did a home visit to a Foster Carer’s home to begin my 1:1 art therapy work with a twelve year old daughter of one of my service users.

I have worked with her Mum four times as she has been in and out of custody for many years. The child’s Dad does have her overnight each week, but feels he cannot cope with her behaviour and is afraid to enforce boundaries for fear of being judged as punitive by Social Workers. I am working on ways for Dad and Daughter to do activities together which will perhaps form a bond between them.

JAnderson 2
25th October 2017

September Mini Blog - A Day in Court

I attended court with my mentee for a review of her DTTO II order.  Shine was asked to work with her as she was really struggling to attend her appointments. 


JAnderson 2
10th October 2017
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