A Day in the Life of a Shine Mentor - April

Circle’s role within the Shine partnership is the involvement of the FABI Project supporting women pre and post release from prison and their families in the community. Linda has been known to the FABI Project, following self-referral through Shine’s Women’s Mentoring Service whilst Linda was serving a 19 month prison sentence in in HMP Edinburgh. I was allocated as Linda’s Shine Mentor to help build her self-esteem and confidence and provide both practical and emotional support to address Linda’s isolation within the community.

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10th April 2018

A Day in the Life of a Shine (temp) Prison Based Champion - March

My current role in Shine is very different from that of a PBC and so going in and speaking to the women in order to take referrals has been a new experience for me.

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21st March 2018

A Day in the Life of a Shine Mentor - February

This last week at Shine mentoring in Dundee in the Barnardos team we have been able to make use of the other Barnardos services that operate in this area to benefit the mentees that we work with. Sharing an office with our Barnardos colleagues gives us a great insight into the work they do and being aware of their work has enabled us to refer many of our mentees onto other projects that we know will assist them.

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14th March 2018

A Day in the Life of a Shine Mentor - January

 Mental Health

Every woman I have mentored with Shine has mental health issues, ranging from moderate to severe and it contributes to their offending behaviour.  It can be difficult to talk about mental health for anyone, but particularly the exceptionally vulnerable women that Shine works with.

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31st January 2018

A Day in the Life of a Shine Mentor - Prison Based Champion - December

Monday Morning – A day in the life of a Prison Based Champion.

Another rainy day on arrival at the Prison, I check in through security and then I make my way to the Link Centre.

A cup of coffee later and after a chat with the Prison officers finding out what’s being going on over the weekend it’s time to open my PR2 and get on with some work.

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16th January 2018