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Bulletin 95 Friday 14 July 2017

Dear Mentor

Starters and leavers:    None known.

Shine ‘Passport’ Information CardSome of you will have heard about the new ‘passport’ card that is now being placed in all women’s belongings on their departure from prison. More information on this and how it affects referral procedures and mentors is attached.

Bulletin 94 Friday 07 07 2017

Dear Mentor

Starters and leavers:   

None known.

Arranging Visits to YOI Polmont

You may be aware that with the increased numbers now being held in Polmont, there are changes to the visits system and that for afternoon visits , you have to get the mentee to add the mentor to their approved list of visitors. This is due to visits having to be hosted in the visits room rather than in the agents visits area. A workaround is for mentors to book their visits for morning sessions which will be largely unaffected, I am told.

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