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Dear Mentor,


Starters and leavers  

Donna Ward has now moved on from Shine, we wish her all the best and thank her for supporting Shine over the years. Betty MacDonald is the new Prison-Based Champion.   Kayleigh O’Rourke has recently started as a Shine Mentor (TPS) We welcome both Betty and Kayleigh to Shine and the contact list has been updated.


Allocating cases/Prison-Based Champions

Shirley Findlay is on annual leave until 29th October, please contact Karen Young for any referrals to be allocated. Jen Anderson is currently off work, if you have any prison-based champion queries, please contact Abi at Access to Industry.


Case Studies – please!

Each year Shine puts together a six-monthly report for the Scottish Government. We are currently working on this year’s edition and are needing a couple of fresh case studies. If you can help, please do drop me a line.


Cornton Vale

Information regarding women at Cornton Vale only. Helen Bett at the link centre in Cornton Vale is in charge of doing Pre-Release plans for every convicted female in the establishment. She starts completing this 8 weeks prior to liberation and it covers many areas that Shine will be supporting in the community including; Housing, DWP, bank accounts/ID, Voluntary Throughcare from Social Work, arrangements at family hub for morning of release to receive bag of hope (toiletries etc) and also engagement with PHAS addiction services in prison.

Helen will complete the Pre-release plan and let mentors know what additional input or help she needs. This will greatly reduce the Shine workload and let us focus on getting more done in the community